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Swisswallet v 0.2.4 User manual


We wrote this guide to help you figure out how to use Swisswallet, even though we designed it for simplicity and gave it a smooth workflow it is not immediately obvious how to use if you never have before.

Step 1 – Downloading and Installing Swisswallet

Head over to the Firefox Add-on store @

Step 2 – Finding the wallet

Type ERC-20 or Swisscoin in the search field and select the Swisscoinlab ERC-20 Free wallet

Step 3 – Installing the wallet on Firefox

You should now be on the Swisswallet download page. You should see a large blue button marked “+ Add to Firefox” near the top of the page next to the description field (pictured below). Click on that button.

Step 4 – Confirm the installation

A new window should appear at the top of your page with 2 buttons at the bottom, Add and Cancel. Click on the blue Add button.

Step 5 – Opening the Swisswallet for the first time

Swisswallet will not work on the store page, that is due to the fact no scripts are allowed on this page. Go to any other webpage in order to open it. We recommend or

A little orange S logo should now have appeared at the top right corner of your browser menu. Click on it to open Swisswallet for the first time.

Step 6 – Accept the Terms and Conditions

If you are installing Swisswallet for the first time on this computer you will be asked to agree to our Terms & Conditions. Simply click “Next”.

Step 7 – Open the wallet

The next screen gives you a bit of info as to the capabilities of the Swisswallet, you can read them and when you are done, click on the “Open” button.

Step 8 – Create an account or restore one

The next screen is important, you will be given the option of

  1. creating a new wallet
  2. Restoring an old wallet

If you wish to restore an old wallet skip to step 14 at the end of this guide, we are now going to look at new wallet creation.

Step 9 – Creating your new wallet

Select and Alphanumeric password of minimum 6 characters and input it in the Swisswallet, then click on “Create Account”

Step 10 – Save your seed words somewhere safe

This step is crucial, please click on “Download Seed Backup” and do not forget to store them somewhere you consider safe. We advise you to conserve them offline in paper form, in a safety lock box or safe and to have several copies in several places in case of fire. After downloading the file, click on “Confirm”. THERE IS NO WAY TO OVERCOME THE LOSS OF THIS SEED PHRASE, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU IF YOU LOSE THEM, LIKEWISE IF STOLEN, YOUR FUNDS WILL NOT BE PROTECTED BY THE PASSWORD ANYMORE. KEEP THEM SAFE AND KEEP THEM SECRET.

Step 11 – Adding funds and tokens to your wallet

The next screen allows to either Open your wallet by clicking on the newly created Wallet (Wallet 0) or create a new one based on the same seed phrase by simply clicking “Add” in case you wish to split your funds (for privacy reasons).

Step 12 – Welcome to the inside of your wallet

On this screen you can see your ETH and ERC-20 Tokens at a glance. Their total value is also calculated in CHF. At the top you can see your address, in order to copy your address please click on the copy icon    to the right of the Address line.  Simply give this address to people who wish to transfer Swisscoin, ERC-20’s or ETH to you. It’s all you need.

Step 13 – Sending Tokens or ETH

To send ETH, Swisscoin or ERC-20’s simply click on the coin you wish to send in order to get to this screen. On this screen you can input the address you wish to send to, select the speed of transfer based on eth gas station recommendations (

TO field = insert ETH address of the intended recipient

Amount field = Insert the amount you wish to send, use the MAX button if you wish to send everything

Speed selection = selected the speed (and fees) you wish for this transaction, low fees mean slower transactions

Send button = Send your transaction

Cancel Button = Cancel transaction

Step 14 – Restoring an old wallet

You might have lost your PC or simply had to reinstall something and you no longer have access to your wallet, you might be transferring from a competitor’s wallet or from Metamask. In any case it is possible for you to restore a pre-existing wallet. To do so, Lock the wallet closed with the lock icon at the bottom.

Step 15 – Now at the bottom of the next screen

click on “Restore wallet from seed phrase”

Step 16 – Next

click on the restore Vault button

Step 17 – Now on this last screen

Type your 12 words phrase in the grey box, then select a password and repeat it. Then click on “Restore account”.

That’s it you’re done. Congratulations !