Swisswallet release notes



Dear Swisscoiners,

We are proud to announce the release of our ERC-20 & Ethereum Wallet to you and the world. The Swisswallet is the first ERC-20 wallet Add-on on Firefox (coming soon on Google Chrome) to handle all ERC-20 Tokens in one wallet, with no fees, hidden mining or hassle of any kind.

We automatically calculate fees, speed of transaction, we display price swings and even your coin’s logo and current value in CHF. We’ll add other currencies later of course for our international users.


Our design philosophy is that of serving you, the people who have made Swisscoin possible and continue to support us in our quest to make crypto currency and more specifically the Ethereum ecosystem take its first steps into the world of usage rather than speculation.


In September 2017 when we started this adventure we knew that we wanted to make ERC-20’s and other coins more easily accessible to everyday people but we didn’t know which way to go, should we do a fund, should we do an app ?

But one of our team members pointed out that no one in their right minds would like to have 3 accounts with sign up and password on 3 different systems (back then, coinbase, binance and your bank) and have to do not two but three distinct monetary conversions (from CHF to EURO then to ETH and then finally to ERC-20) in order to just hold an ERC-20 token like Golem or Gnosis or Tronix, not to mention the 50% fees if your take your coins out of the sites both times (in and out).

Any self respecting crypto holder must want to keep their coins at home, because let’s face it, there’s not much use to decentralizing the banks if we’re going to replace them with  unsecured websites.

So we decided to

1) Work in the direction of Serving Swiss users and building a local support base (in this regard we want to thank specifically Alain Bilat who has done an incredible job as community manager)

2)  Make the whole process of buying and selling ERC-20’s from beginning to end much easier and cheaper

That’s what took us in the direction of building a DEX hybrid Crypto Fiat wallet. A bunch of fancy words to say that we’re building an app that will let you buy, sell and keep all your cryptos on your PC in one place, without having to be beholden to anyone (server or person).


We are creating a peer to peer network for ERC-20 trading, but more than that, we are leveraging the position and reputation of Switzerland to build the Fiat to Crypto entry and exit points that must exist for this network to take on liquidity and restitute it when so ordered.


So you might ask yourself, is it hypocritical to build a decentralized revolution on the back of pseudo banks we call entry points ?

It Depends.

What’s your objective when coding it ? Are you trying to keep people beholden to you forever or will you make apps that work like the old P2P sharing networks, on their own, community supported and infinitely reproducible. Because if we make it so that anyone can create such an entry point, and reputation is what keeps them alive, you won’t have to fear either poor performance, dishonesty or monopoly from them.

So it’s paramount to look at the design philosophy of the company you support. Ours is you shouldn’t have to suffer a hassle if you don’t want to. That’s why we don’t require you to sign up or login to anything to get our app.

Our wallet is free, open source, human readable code now and forever. It’s free of any login or signup, it’s totally anonymous and the source code can be copied tomorrow if you want to steal it and rebrand it for yourself.

In fact we want you to steal it, we want you to build your own crypto empire with these tools. Because the more there are, the more transactions on our network.

We want to pitch a million small tents, not a big one that can be taken out at any time to enforce the legislative tyranny of fiat currency.

So please, go head over to our installation guide and start taking control of your currency today with Swisswallet.


Swisswallet v.0.2.2 release notes

Download Link



  • Receive any ERC-20 token or ETH
  • Send any ERC-20 token or ETH
  • 24h Price tracking
  • Seed phrase based recovery
  • New Seed phrase creation in one click
  • As many wallets as you want per single seed
  • Logo retrieval from etherscan (because it should look nice 🙂
  • Price retrieval from Etherscan for all listed Tokens
  • Automatic fee calculation for 3 speeds via Ethgastastion
  • Lock open function because metamask didn’t have it and it drove us crazy

Planned features for version 1.0

  • DEX trading of all ERC-20’s and ETH
  • Fiat to Token exchange point for vCHF
  • Fiat to Token trading
  • Swift messaging system integration for direct to bank account transactions
  • Crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto and fiat to fiat transactions
  • Still no login, sign up or ID
  • Totally anonymous and free forever
  • Financed by consuming Swisscoin when transacting