Sell them to someone else ! We hope to be listed on several exchanges soon. You can also request a refund for 30 days as for any product purchased by mail or online in Switzerland.

Equities return dividends which would be difficult for this kind of product. The other issue is that there is no current regulation to issue crypto-related equities.

Regulators don’t yet understand crypto-investments. We have tried many different ways to conform to regulations, but they generally come down to becoming a private fund and only being able to solicit accredited investors. Meanwhile the token market remains wide open.

Good question! We’re looking for exchanges. We are in talks with several. Can you help us?

Yes and No. Our token is most similar to a fund. We think of it as a currency fund investing exclusively in cryptocurrency.

It really isn’t. We think of it in CHF but you can buy it in ETH, BTC or any other FIAT currency, it’s really up to you, a standard currency conversion will take place if you use another FIAT currency.

Yes, we knew you had that in mind. We offer a staggered discount program gradually diminishing until our ICO date of May 12th.